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Navigare necesse est!
That is life. . .
Sailing, Cruising, Boating, Yachting...
and having a wonderful time with family & friends.


Vinga entrance to Sweden

Hitting the ocean

Vinga harbor

Marstrand in sunset

Leaving Fjällbacka.

Doing some repair

Ready to launch


Exploring Dannemark.!

Dark clouds behind.

The Daneborg

Moored at Marstrand

Beautiful  Bohuslän!


Flowers on the rocks

"Nya hamnar nya famnar"?

Rainbow at Härön

Hållö rocks and lighthouse

Beauty on the Rock!


Relaxed navigating!

Anchorage at Morö.

Instö rännan N.

Good fishing luck?

Marstrand port.

Everything is ready!

Lovely Ramsö!

10.30 PM in July

Sunset in Rönnäng

Perfect little port

Highest point of the island

Den glade spelemannen!



St.Erik leaving Marstrand

This is holidays

Here comes a friend

Magnificent view

Smögen port

Hasse's warft Smögen

Otterön beach

Navigare necesse est!

I am the captain

Safe... Lighthouse in SW.

Best friends in Smögen!

Almö - Picknick.

Daddy read me a story!

Checking the boats

Grilling hotdogs

Dad I am cleaning.

Beautiful in Sweden

Cruising by autopilot

Next port is decided...

Happy crew

Dark clouds behind.

Delicious Smögen shrimps

Visiting a stone age grave

Seeing Marstrand


Säby in Denmark

Together in Marstrand

Let's smile

Best friends!

Many baby-sitters 

Fenders needed!

Protected nature harbor.

Perfect night harbor!

Is all OK!

Vash. entrance west

Ideal nature harbor.

What a good day

Visitor from Bermuda

Can I be a good captain one day, daddy?

That was good!

Beauty on the beach

Visiting a great friend

Cathy & dear friends

Reading the sea chart

I am going to be a sailor

from sunset.. to sunset

Ready to cruise the waters

Lighthouse in moon light

Kyrkholmen W.Otterön.

Rainbow at Pater Noster!

HANS Anchor with the Bag

Around the world sailor

Wow, it is good!

Me and my best friend

Beauty on the beach

Arrie & Mom

I am the gast

Washing the deck.

It is all mines!

Daddy's helper!

Just resting

The way to the top

Fisherman cleaning crabs

What will be served?

Crab market in Ramsö

Beautiful " Bohus" house

Makrill!  Good catch today!

I got a fish!

Showing the way

A little "fika"... served "Var så god".

Rainbow is launched

Having a good time

Working onboard

Visiting my parents

Church in Strömstad

Isn't she grand

Isn't she beautiful

Let's do Strömstad

A rainy day at Kornö

A salty sailor

Dad the helmsman...

...and mom is enjoying...

What can I do now?

After a days cruise!


Skärhamn SSW

Skärhamn SW

Skärhamn W

Skärhamn NW

Skärhamn NNW

Skärhamn N

Skärhamn NE

Skärhamn E

Skärhamn SES

Skärhamn West port

Rainbow Toftösund

Meeting a HR36


Skärhamn 020610 at 00.00

Skärhamn 020610 at 00.00

More photos will come!