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Testimonials...  "People are talking about us"

Any angler who has had a tough time staying put in difficult holding ground will want one. 
B. Stearns, Boating Magazine
The 22 Lb. Danforth type systems were not holding.  Increasing to a 40 Lb. Danforth the oil boom still dragged the anchor across the sandy bottom.  The 20 Lb. "Stealth" Anchor held the 2000-ft long oil boom in place.  We trust the "STEALTH" Anchor.  It works! 
Capt. Michael Miller, President, Sea Tow Services of the Treasure Coast
Sometime during the night, the wind shifted 180.  Our "STEALTH" Anchor did exactly what you advertised, it immediately resettled and ended up holding three boats throughout the night. 
Brad Grandy, Palm Harbor, FL
I would like to say how very pleased we have been with your product on our 31' Stamas.  We have never missed a hook-up.  We would highly recommend it. 
Bob Ver Hill, Vero Beach, FL
Stargazer weights 68 thousand pounds and has weathered some high winds with the "STEALTH" Anchor never dragging, bending, or pulling out.  If anyone needs a recommendation from the Virgin Islands, we can heartily provide it. 
Cliff Sloan, British Virgin Islands


After 20 years of boating, this is the best anchor I have ever used and will recommend it to all my boating friends. 
Ben Hunseder, Naples, FL
Both incoming and outgoing tides are very strong and holding in loose sand/mud was impossible - until the "STEALTH" Anchor.  It has been a pleasure for me to recommend a product - a rare event in this time of questionable quality. 
Ron & Dr. Liz Brennen, Hollywood, FL
Not only does the "STEALTH" Anchor hold firm (in high winds and rough seas), it releases easily, even when it is wedged in a maze of underwater obstructions. 
Steve Marusak, Cotee Ind., Port Richey, FL.
From loose sand, to mud and coral marl nothing holds like the "STEALTH" Anchor.  It sets almost immediately, holds incredibly for its size, and somehow releases with a gentle tug. 
Steve Beck, Southern Boating
My hat is off to you for making the ultimate in anchors.  You will only see a "STEALTH" Anchor on my boats. 
Capt. Dave Mistretta, Indian Rocks Beach, FL.
The "STEALTH" swings through 360 degrees without losing its grip
Russ Fee, National Fisherman Magazine.

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