The "STEALTH" Anchor - "What A GRIP"!
quick set, non-fouling, easy release


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Practical Stowing... 

It can't get much better, as the "STEALTH" Anchor
stows conveniently in several practical ways for quick and easy access, and let go...

-  Bow anchor on a bow roller
-  Hanging over the push pit
-  Against a horizontal bar
-  Standing on its crown
-  Mounted on deck
 -  In a stowing box


A 7 kg./15Lb. "STEALTH" on the
push pit with the HANS Bag full with
all the mooring-line and chain.

Many practical ways to store the anchor

A 7kg./15Lb. "STEALTH" as working anchor
on a 35' Hallberg Rassy 352

Easy to carry.

A quick access and use of the anchor is essential in a critical situation.

13 kg./29Lb. on a bow roller.

Can be used as a secure step when
going onboard from a low pier.

The 13 kg./29Lb. on the bow roller.

The Anchor fits perfectly.

Hanging on the outside for a
quick let go. The lid holds the anchors 5 or 7Kg. (11 or 15Lb). perfectly in place.

The HANS Bag carries the
complete mooring gear for the working anchor.  The bitter
end is secured to the boat.

Tying the shank to the push
pit adds security for the HANS Anchor in rough weather..

HANS Anchor is secured tight
to the push-pit by the hook equipped lid on the mooring
gear weighted Bag.

Quick and easy, let go!
The black polyethylene tube protects the push-pit from the hanging anchor and the
chain when let go.

Practical to handle and family friendly.  Saving lots of space
makes the anchor always
ready to let go... which is
extremely important.

The HANS Anchor is easily
hoisted and soon the anchor
bill turns down into the right position.

The complete mooring gear
stores  perfectly in/on the
HANS Anchor standing on
its crown ready to let go.

The anchor box made for a 5 kg./11Lb. anchor is another
great alternative to store
your gears.